Documalis Free Reporter

Documalis Free Reporter 1.0

Free graphical report generator and runtime (See all)
Scanpoint Software

Documalis Free Report is made up of a graphic report generator. It is simple and user-friendly, having a report preview in real time and a free execution engine by a command line; it looks like Office 2007, authorising every user to run his own extractions via a user-friendly help and to generate the result in PDF, Html, Word or Excel format.
Reports on request
Documalis Free Reporter is a full-fledged graphic report generator, effective and user friendly with data-base management, links master/detail, charts and tables, bar codes, page breaks and sub-totals.
Performance et simplicity
Documalis Free Report comprises an execution engine to generate reports on users? PCs, with an unlimited free distribution right. Its Office 2007 look and the simplicity of use allow mastery in less than 5 minutes by experienced office IT users.

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